How terrorists killed 6, abducted nearly 200, raped women in Niger

In coordinated attacks, terrorists killed no fewer than six people, abducted 160 others and raped at least six women in Kuchi village, in Munya Local Government Area of Niger State between Friday and Sunday,

The terrorists, riding on motorcycles, were spotted around Kafana, a village at the state’s boundary with banditry-ravaged Kaduna State, advancing towards Kuchi.

Poorly-armed local forces described by locals as “Yan Sakai” engaged the terrorists in a fierce gunfight, preventing them from attacking the community.

Following the gunfight that claimed three civilians and three local security operatives, the terrorists retreated in disarray after suffering what a grassroots political party leader described as a huge loss.

While mourning lives lost in the attack, the Chairman of  (APC) in Munya LGA, Saidu Idris, praised the local security forces who he claimed killed “plenty of the terrorists.”

The return of the terroristsAfter rustling cattle from adjoining villages of Bodo and Kurbagu, the terrorists returned to Kuchi around 9 p.m. that same Friday and abducted at least 160 locals before herding them into the forest under heavy rainfall.

Mr Idris, the APC leader in Munya, said the terrorists might not have abducted anyone “if there were cattle to rustle.”


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