8 Years After, Lady Who Moved Abroad When She Was Single Returns With 3 Kids, Her Family Celebrates

  • A Nigerian lady has returned home after spending eight years abroad, and she came back with children
  • The lady was said to have travelled abroad when she was single, but she is now married with three children
  • It was a moment of joy when she returned home with her children to a warm welcome from her family

A Nigerian lady is happy to have reunited with her family after spending eight years abroad.

The lady and her family were seen in a trending video when she arrived at their house with her husband and children.

Lady returns to Nigeria after 8 years abroad.
The lady is now married with three children. Photo credit: TikTok/@susteepee and Getty Images/Aaron Foster.
Source: TikTok

In the video posted on TikTok by @susteepee, it was revealed that the lady travelled abroad single.

Now, she has been blessed with a husband and three children who she also brought to Nigeria with her.

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It was a moment of celebration when her family saw her again after nearly a decade of being away.

The short video was captioned:

“She went there single and came back with family. Glory be to God.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady returns from abroad

@Juliet nk said:

“How I wish my mother was alive to see me and my three kid’s also. It gives joy but thanks God my father was there.”

@Small ugly girl said:

“Your mummy nor sing for her. Best singer.”

@johnson said:

“Beautiful! Congratulations. Long life to you.”

@Edithbrown02 said:

“The baby was like what is going on here.”

@Esan Man-1-Of Paris said:

“Congratulations dear. God go still do my own oh.”

@Joy pounds commented:

“Congratulations welcome back home.”

@josessy_mark said:

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“I tap from her blessings.”

@naomi Aig Okun said:

“See better hair when she wear.”

Man shows his lifestyle in the UK

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man in the UK shared a video showing people how he rides a bicycle to work instead of buying a car.

The video was shared on TikTok by Godwin Newdance, who said they were in the UK to make money, not to ride cars.

He said there were so many expenses to be incurred if one decides to buy a car, insisting he would make do with a bicycle.

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