Australian skateboarder Arisa Trew, 14, lands first female 900

Tony Hawk praises Arisa Trew: “Glass ceilings are so 2023”

Re-writing history is becoming something of a habit for Trew who, last year, became the first woman to land a 720 in a competition aged 13.

Her efforts were subsequently recognised at the 2024 Laureus World Sports Awards where she was named Action Sportsperson of the Year.

Just as then, Trew is already receiving heaps of praise for going where no female skater has yet gone before. Legendary skater Tony Hawk shared Trew’s post with the caption:

“Arisa Trew just became the first female to land a 900. Glass ceilings are so 2023. Congrats”.

Trew is currently bidding to secure a quota* for Australia at Paris 2024 in park skating.

Vert skating – where Trew landed the 900 and 720 – is not an Olympic event.

The young Australian took a big step towards that goal last month in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China where she finished in first at the Olympic Qualifier Series.

Her attention will now turn to Budapest, Hungary, where the second part of the Qualifier Series will take place from 20-23 June.

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