Beyond awards, creative journey of talent manager, Olufemi Oguntamu

Famous Nigerian talent manager and media entrepreneur Olufemi Oguntamu has shared insights into content creation and talent management.

Mr Oguntamu is the manager behind some of Nigeria’s top content creators like Broda Shaggi, Layi Wasabi, and Kiekie.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Monday, he revealed some trade secrets that can help talent managers and content creators thrive and leverage social media platforms.

The 33-year-old media entrepreneur also emphasised the need for a change in perspective, particularly from the government.

He advised that the government recognise the sector’s potential and implement frameworks to support its growth.

He said, “Data has shown that the creative industry is experiencing explosive growth and is projected to reach $763 billion by 2025. This means that in the next year or so, this innovative industry will create more jobs than traditional industries like agriculture, healthcare, transport, etc. This is enough reason for the government to take this industry seriously and invest in it.

“Investing in the creative industry is not just about recognising its cultural impact but also about maximising its economic potential. This could involve various initiatives such as funding programs; improving educational curriculums to include skills and knowledge on thriving in the digital age; and even infrastructure development.”

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Famous Nigerian talent manager and media entrepreneur Olufemi Oguntamu
Famous Nigerian talent manager and media entrepreneur Olufemi Oguntamu

Little beginning and networking

Beyond being a talent manager, Mr Oguntamu is the Lead Consultant of Penzaarville Africa, the media company behind Taxify’s rebrand to Bolt and viral campaigns for brands like Google Nigeria, Microsoft and Wema Bank.

However, the mass communication graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University began his media entrepreneurship at a very young age, having been influenced by famous media entrepreneurs like Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Willams.

Advising content creators, Mr Oguntamu noted that networking is crucial in building a successful creative career.

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“A thriving creative career starts with nurturing relationships right in your backyard. Friends, colleagues, and mentors who believe in you and your vision are essential,” he said.

According to him, true success isn’t about accumulating faceless followers but creating a supportive community.

Reflecting on his journey, Mr Oguntamu shared his experience with networking; he said, “Long before I thought about building a community, I was fostering genuine connections with those around me. These friendships and shared ideas laid the groundwork for the extensive network I enjoy today.”

The impact of this community building was evident when he launched his conference, ‘Handle It Africa.’

“This event wasn’t just about me; it was about harnessing the collective power of my network,” he said.

“By contacting other creatives, brands, and individuals, we collaborated to make Handle It Africa a reality. The result was a resounding success, reaching over 5,000 people across the continent in three years and attracting top media personalities like Debola Williams, Timini Egbuson, Mercy Johnson, and Daddy Freeze.”

Mr Oguntamu is now preparing for the next edition of ‘Handle It Africa’, which will bring together stakeholders in the creative industry and digital economy to discuss future collaborations and opportunities.

Nurturing talents

Mr Oguntamu, who has worked with several content creators in Nigeria, also spoke about his passion for his job.

He said, “My passion lies in nurturing raw talent and empowering them to become the next generation of African media giants.”

“Witnessing my clients blossom and dominate the continental scene is the most fulfilling aspect of my work.”

He worked with Broda Shaggi at the beginning of his creative journey. Today, Broda Shaggi is an entertainment powerhouse with over 13 million Instagram followers.

Broda Shaggi has also evolved from a skit maker to a multi-faceted entertainer, featuring in Nollywood blockbusters, events, music videos, and global tours.

In 2023, Broda Shaggi won The Future Award Africa for Content Creation and has two AMVCAs for best actor in a comedy. He’s worked with brands like YouTube, The European Union, and Dubai Tourism.

Another content creator Mr Oguntamu has also collaborated with is Layi Wasabi, who is now the golden boy of the Nigerian content space, ranking among the top creators in social media engagement.

He was nominated for The Future Awards Africa in 2023 and recently won an AMVCA for digital content creator of the year. He has worked on campaigns with Netflix and been recognised by Meta as a top creator, all within a year of signing him.


According to Mr Oguntamu, collaboration is essential in today’s creative industry.

He notes that by embracing partnerships, creators not only achieve their individual goals but also contribute to the collective growth and vibrancy of the industry.

Mr Oguntamu said, “Understanding your strengths and weaknesses helps identify areas where collaboration can enhance your work. By seeking partnerships and cultivating connections, creators can achieve more collectively than they would alone.”

He highlighted the importance of collaboration over competition, stating that a current challenge in the industry occurs where many strive to stand out individually.

While competition is vital, he believes collaboration can unlock more significant creative potential.

Leveraging on social media

Mr Oguntamu advised content creators to leverage social media platforms to maximise reach and engagement.

He said, “While each platform caters to a specific niche, Instagram has undeniably become a powerhouse for creators due to its massive user base. However, for long-term success, creators should avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

Additionally, he stated that platforms like Facebook should not be overlooked.

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He said, “Facebook caters mainly to an older demographic but has incredible reach, allowing creators to connect with audiences at the grassroots level. The key is understanding your content and identifying where your target audience resides.”

“Instagram, focusing on visual storytelling and engaged communities, remains ideal for building a brand and attracting followers. However, for creators seeking monetisation opportunities, YouTube takes centre stage. Authenticity is key to success on YouTube, as organic and natural content fosters deeper connections with viewers and longer watch times.”

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