Cinematographer Cency Ndubueze Speaks on Outfits She is Not Cool With, Career Challenges

  • Cinematographer and editor Cency Ndubueze works very hard in the film industry and loves to be comfortable
  • This means she has to wear outfits that make it easy to get her job done, and she avoids certain kinds of attire
  • In this chat with Legit, she also shared the challenges she faces at work and how she maneuvers it

Cinematographer and editor Cency Ndunueze has shared ways she handles the challenges she faces while carrying out her job.

She spoke to in this chat about the kinds of outfits she cannot be caught wearing and why she made this decision.

Cency Ndubueze rocks simple outfits
Cinematographer Cency Ndubueze shares moments from a movie set. Image credit: @cency ndubueze
Source: UGC

Cency reveals the challenges of cinematography

The Nollywood practitioner opened up on the tough moments she faced while doing her job.

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“It’s not uncommon to arrive on set and find yourself working with gears that you’re not yet familiar with. Adapting to these new equipment can be daunting but I overcome this by dedicating time to research and hands-on experimentation, mastering the technical aspects.”

What can’t Cency wear?

The cinematographer does not joke with her comfort. Hence, she avoids certain outfits.

“I would never be caught wearing leggings, crop tops, or any form of tight-fitted clothing. These items are not suitable for my style or my professional image. Given the nature of my work, which often involves long hours and significant physical activity, these types of clothing would not provide the comfort and flexibility I require.

Cency giver her reasons for outfit choices

Speaking on the reason she cannot be caught wearing the attire she mentioned above, she said:

“The main reasons for avoiding such attire are multifaceted. Firstly, comfort is paramount, tight-fitted clothing can be restrictive and uncomfortable, hindering my ability to move freely and perform effectively on set. Secondly, maintaining a professional image is crucial. I believe that my choice of attire should reflect the dedication I bring to my work, and loose, comfortable clothing achieves this more effectively. Lastly, personal preference plays a significant role. I feel more confident and focused when dressed in a manner that aligns with my values and professional standards.”

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Cency Ndubueze shares career thrills

In an earlier chat with, Cency shared that spends much time achieving goals for her career and what she wears is important to her.

She revealed what makes her excited about her career path and the journey so far.

Also, she spoke about her love for certain kinds of outfits including T-Shirts and her favourite colour.


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