Communal clash: Fresh crises brews between Okuama vs Okoloba

Okuama -Ewu community, Ughelli South Local Government Area have been in serious crises this past months with the military.

The community  which   has barely recovered fro the recent military massacre has drew another crises to themselves, as fresh crises is now brewing between the village  and Okoloba community, Bomadi Local Government Area, both in Delta State, over allegations of looting of property and farmlands, armed youths laying seige to the waterways, and spying with drones.

The two communities torn apart by land dispute came into the public eye a few months ago when suspected gunmen killed 17 army personnel, who, reportedly were on a peace mission to the Okuama-Ewu on March 14.

Residents of the community, who took cover in the forests, and starved for nearly two months, returned on May 8, after the soldiers vacated their homeland, but since that day, it has been one crisis or the another.

Reports from the area indicate that tension was building up between the two communities. Sources said unless the state government takes urgent steps, another crisis might break out between the warring neighbours.

Women of Okuama-Ewu, clutching leaves demonstrated in the community, yesterday, accusing Okoloba women of digging, harvesting, and stealing cassava, potatoes, and pepper from their farms, also accused Okoloba youths of laying siege to the waterways with guns,

The communal are calling on  President Bola Tinubu, and Governor Oborevowri, to come to their aid, and help bring a peaceful resolution between both communities, as they don’t want another blood shed

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