1. Kissing your man is not a problem. The problem is how you do it. Stop making Sounds like a car Crash.
2. Wearing short skimpy skirts is not a problem, infact its very Sexy. The problem is wearing your Mini and looking all nice but when you see Guyz u try to Pull it down now forcing it to be long. Don’t u see that u’re deceiving yourself.
3. Loving your man is not a problem. The problem is Changing ur Surname on Social Media and put his surname when he hasn’t even Introduced you to his mother. Just Chill, i would hate to read your Post Later saying, “MEN ARE WICKED AND CHEATS”
4. Saying all Men are the Same is not my problem but Who asked u to try them ALL?
5. Bleaching ur skin till u shine brighter than your future is not a problem, but the problem is having White Face, Yellow hands, Chocolate Lips and Black Legs. Are u a Zebra?
6. Reading this post ain’t a problem, in fact it’s welcomed, but the problem is reading without sharing..

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