Abdul Ningi, the current Senator representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District (PDP), has accused the Senate of increasing the 2024 budget with about N3 trillion.

Speaking in an interview with BBC Hausa on Saturday, March 9, Nini alleged that the appropriation bill passed by the lawmakers was different from what is being implemented, alleging that about N3 trillion had been padded in the budget.

Ningi, who’s the Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum, alleged that the Federal Government was operating an N28 trillion budget, contrary to the N25 trillion passed by the National Assembly.

According to the BBC, he said: “Apart from what the National Assembly did on the floor, there was another budget that was done underground which we didn’t know.

The new things we have discovered in the budget were not known to us. We haven’t seen them in the budget that was debated and considered on the floor of the National Assembly.

However the Nigerian Senate has denied the increase in the 2024 budget by over ₦3 trillion Naira.

However, Ningi claimed that what was approved by the National Assembly was N25 trillion, but what is being operated by the President is N28 trillion.

“For example, it was said that there was a budget of N28 trillion but what was passed was N25 trillion. So there is N3 trillion on top. Where are they, where is it going? So, we need to know this. There are a lot of things. We are coming up with a report and we will show the president himself and ask him if he is aware or not”, he said


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