Fans allegedly spending as much as $16,000 for a chance to take an intimate polaroid with their favorite K-Pop idols

The price of an intimate polaroid photo with a K-Pop idol is becoming a hot topic on online communities.

Recently, on one Korean online community, a polaroid photo of NCT‘s Mark posing for a photo with one of his fans became a heated topic. It was revealed that fans would spend as much as $16,000 USD (~ 22 million KRW) at a time for a chance to win a special opportunity only offered to those who spend the most money at a single record store. 

Korean netizens reacted with comments like, 

“That’s the power of wealth.”

“I could never even dream of this.”

“I’m surprised by how much touching is allowed.”

“WTF?? Are they some nugu J-pop idols??”

“2 million won for one photo…”

“I can’t believe that polaroid is $16,000.”

“For someone, that could be their annual income.”

“My head is spinning at those numbers.”

“Who said money can’t buy happiness.”

“Don’t bring strange J-pop idol customs into K-Pop plz TTTT.”

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