Fencing veteran Gerek Meinhardt declares golden goal for Paris after taking silver at Shanghai Grand Prix

Meinhardt’s pre-Paris triumphs

Just over two months ahead of the kick-off of Paris 2024, the United States’ foil fencers put their skills on display for the final time before the Games at the Foil Fencing Grand Prix in Shanghai.

Meinhardt, once again, proved his dominance by landing on the podium and taking the silver medal.

“It was a great tournament for me and things felt really, really solid,” he explained.

“It was important for me because I hadn’t medaled in over a year. It was just a reminder that the work I’m putting in is paying dividends, and I can go into Paris knowing that I have the potential to be on the podium and accomplish that goal that I have.”

And to make it all the more sweet, his wife – reigning Olympic champion Lee Kiefer – secured herself a podium finish as well.

“We got to enjoy the success together, which really doesn’t happen that often, to be honest, despite us having been successful for so long.”

Combined, the two have three Olympic medals, two world titles, 12 Pan Am Games golds and 14 podium finishes at the World Championships.

“We had this reminder of our potential. And the fact that the work we see each other doing day in and day out, which doesn’t always show on the strip or in results, did this time.”

The work isn’t done yet, as Meinhardt eyes the gold while Keifer works to defend her title.

The two have just a matter of weeks to fine tune their craft and step up to the Olympic stage in what they hope to be their best moment yet.

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