FG, Labour Resume Minimum Wage Talks Today

The tripartite committee for the negotiation of national minimum wage will reconvene today to continue negotiations with the expectation of reaching an agreement regarding new wages for workers.

The development comes after a recent breakdown in talks and conflicting proposals from both parties.

LEADERSHIP had reported how organised labour gave the federal government an ultimatum of 31st May 2024 to come up with an acceptable wage figure that reflects current economic realities.

While the federal government has shifted ground from the earlier offer of N48,000 to N57,000, the labour union also reduced the benchmark figure to N497,000 from the previous position of N615,000 as the best monthly wage for public workers.

Labour laments the unwillingness of both private employers and the government to negotiate a fair national minimum wage for workers in Nigeria, citing discrepancies in the presented figures.

They further stated that the lack of substantiated data from the government to support their offer has only worsened the situation.

They considered that to undermine the credibility of the negotiation process and erode trust between the parties involved.

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