Five thrilling ways to win big with TECNO during Nigerian Idol

TECNO is known for backing great things, and its partnership with Nigerian Idol has been nothing short of spectacular. As TECNO is set to propel another Nigerian Idol hopeful toward their dream stardom, they’re also making sure viewers are included in the excitement. TECNO is offering incredible opportunities for fans to win big in the new Nigerian Idol season. Here are five thrilling ways you can score amazing prizes from TECNO during this season of Nigerian Idol:

TECNO brings a unique challenge to the Nigerian Idol stage with the TECNO Jingle Contest. For a chance at the N500,000 cash prize, contestants are tasked with creating and performing a song that creatively incorporates TECNO and CAMON 30 specifications, embodying the “Stop At Nothing” mantra. A celebrity guest judge will select the winner, adding a touch of star power to this exciting competition.

For TikTok enthusiasts, TECNO has launched the Open Verse challenge. Participants can download a beat from a producer, create their unique verse, and post their entry using the hashtag #TECNOpenverse. And if well done, you are on your way to becoming one of the weekly winners.

Throughout the show, TECNO will post engaging content on their Facebook, Instagram, and X pages. Fans can participate in trivia questions and other fun activities to stand a chance of winning cash prizes. This is a great way to stay engaged with the show and win some extra cash.

During the live Nigerian Idol shows, look out for the TECNO Moment. Questions will be displayed on your TV screen, and viewers can head to social media to participate using the designated hashtag. This interactive segment will run weekly, offering viewers a chance to win airtime.

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Every week, during TECNO’s Facebook or Instagram live sessions, five lucky fans who join the live sessions will get the chance to showcase their singing talents. Viewers can vote for their favourite performance in the comments section. The standout performer from each session will be awarded and featured on TECNO’s Facebook, Instagram, and X.
With the above, you can be assured that with TECNO, the contestants and the audience can win big during this Nigerian idol season 9. So, stay tuned and participate actively, and you could be among the lucky winners enjoying amazing rewards from TECNO!

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