Four Decisions Todd Boehly Made That Crashed Chelsea Fan Reacted

You had the chance to bring in a very experienced and successful manager to rescue our season. You chose to bring Lampard who had failed in his previous job.
REMINDER: Your first decision as owners was to sack some of the key members who have brought success to the club over the years.
Your next decision was to fire a coach who won us the UEFA champions league + Club world cup.
Your next decision was to pay an unproven Graham Potter out of his contract and give him a long-term contract.
You then decided to go into the market yourself to buy untested and unproven players to increase the size of an already bloated squad. You also decided to give them 8-9 years contracts.
After making all of these errors, you fire an innocent inexperienced Potter to cover your shame.
You then had the opportunity to make things right by appointing an experienced winner to rescue Chelsea’s season. You failed to do that too Mr. Todd Boehly.
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