Game show set to strengthen family bonds, communal

As part of efforts to strengthen family bonds and foster communal entertainment, whilst providing Nigerians a thrilling and entertaining experience, new game show,’The Price is Right Nigeria’ is set to debut on paid television across the continent. 
Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and ability to unite people, TPIR resonates with Nigerian culture, which emphasises strong family bonds and communal entertainment.    According to the production outfit, Genesis Studios, TPIR is a world-class game show that engages and entertains the entire family and will offer viewers the chance to win life-changing prizes.
Another important aspect of the TPIR is that it boasts a loyal fanbase across generations as the Nigerian adaptation allows brands arget a specific demographic with high purchase power and a love for interactive entertainment. 
The 52 episodes a season game show would be aired once weekly with repeat episodes on broadcast stations such as AM Family and Showcase on DSTv,  GoTv, TVC, STV and WAPTv.
Head, corporate communications and sales, TPIR Nigeria, Mercy Ebunuta Abua, said it is more than just a game show but a cultural phenomenon waiting to happen. She said it taps into the Nigerian spirit of competition, celebrates everyday skills and provides a platform for brands to connect with a vibrant and engaged audience. According to her, this exciting combination is sure to make TPIR Nigeria a resounding success. “Products featured on the show become part of the game, seamlessly integrated into the pricing challenges, adding that this creates an organic and engaging product placement opportunity for brands,” she said.
Executive producer, David Olatubosun Olaegbe, said TPIR Nigeria is quite different from other shows as it is loaded with opportunities for contestants as well as brands. He said that unlike other shows where the audience is voting or cheering others on to success, this show provides an opportunity for the audience to play for themselves and win just by knowing the prices of everyday products.

On her part, project manager/series producer,Anthonia Adeniyi,  said that running a good television production like this requires a high level of attention to detail, strong leadership skills, and a team of skilled professionals. “Having produced award-winning shows like So Wrong So Wright, and Tales of Eve, Genesis studios has acquired a five year license from Fremantle to produce and broadcast the show in Nigeria”.
She further noted that it is crucial to have a clear vision for the show and work hard to ensure that vision is brought to life, adding that as a producer, striving to build a team of professionals who are not only experienced but also passionate about their craft is the goal.She urged Nigerians to come onboard and join the fun at TPIR show.

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