Governor Ifeanyi Okowa signs Delta State Pension and Other benefit laws for ex Governors after 8 years as Governor

A. To receive N50m yearly.

B. A furnished duplex in Delta State or any other state in the country worth over N300 million;

C. 350% gratuity of his basic salary for the first tenure;

D. Gratuity of 450% of his basic salary for second tenure;

E. Pension of 70% salary of first term;

F. Pension of 80% salary of second term;

G. Medical treatment for him and members of his immediate family;

H. Two vehicles, including a utility vehicle, not below the sum of N20 million each, every two years;

I. Two armed policemen and one Department of State Security officer;

J. 15 days’ annual vacation in any place of his choice and other benefits;

K. An office with four aides, each of the four domestic workers will earn N100,000 monthly.


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