Inspired by family in pursuit of Olympic dream

B-Girl Anti & the importance of family

By her own admission, B-girl Anti would not be where she is today without the support of her family.

The influence her father in particular has had on her career cannot be understated.

“I fell in love with [breaking] thanks to my dad,” she told us.

“I always call him when, always ask him for advice – I mean if he wasn’t here I would definitely be lost.”

Nadir is a ‘mentor’ to his daughter, not only in dance but also in life.

For Anti, there’s nothing quite like being with her family.

“I always feel at home with them and they are the only people I can open up to and be understood by,” she added.

“I know that even when I dance alone, they are still with me so that makes me stronger.

“To have parents who support and believe in you before you believe in yourself is very important.”

And you don’t just have to take Anti’s word for it, either.

The support her family shows is not only evident in the time we spent with her, but it can also be encapsulated in a single line said by her father.

Forgetting about breaking for a brief moment, Nadir simply said: “I would like you to know that Antilai is a great person.”

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