Johnny Wactor’s ex-fiancée holds on to engagement ring

Johnny Wactor’s ex-fiancée Tessa Farrell is struggling to cope after actor’s death

Johnny Wactor’s former fiancée, Tessa Farell, grappled with the death of the General Hospital alum.

The 37-year-old actor was shot dead by armed car thieves in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 25.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published on Tuesday, May 28, Farrell reminisced about her time with the later actor.

Despite the two having broken up, she refused to let go of her engagement ring, an heirloom passed down to her from her grandparents, who had been married for five decades.

“It was a really beautiful moment, and I always — I had it on before and I always will have it on because it reminds me of, you know, true love or everlasting love,” Farrell remained adamant on her decision to continue wearing the ring.

“Sadly, it has another meaning to it 1716999575, but, you know, I’m grateful — at least I have it still and I have memories of him,” she added.

At the time of their engagement, they hadn’t got a ring. Instead, they opted for her grandparent’s jewelry to symbolise their commitment.

Farrell further noted that she still struggle to come to terms with the fact that Wactor has passed away.

Additionally, the two first met in 2013 after Farell moved to Los Angeles with aspirations to become an actress. Shortly after, they got engaged, however, their romantic relationship came to an end, and they have since been good friends.

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