Kano State Places ban on movies promoting cross- dressing……

Kano State Censorship Board has issued directives banning movies that portray or promote cross-dressing and thuggery in the state

The Executive Secretary of the Kano State Censorship Board, Abba El-Mustapha, announced the ban on Wednesday, April 3, during a briefing with journalists after a meeting between the board’s management and various stakeholders from the Kannywood industry.

This directives banning movies that portray or promote cross-dressing and thuggery in the state, have generated a lot of controversy on the internet, a whole a persons are urging other governors of the state to the same to curb this harmful practice, before it spreads like wide fire.

Bobrisky is not only a cross dresser but also a transgender who is gaining massive follow on the internet, just recently he was give the award of the “Best dressed Female” in an award. Following this VeryDarkMan has also threatened to become a cross dresser if Bobrisky is not arrested.

A statement issued by the board’s information officer, Abdullahi Sani Sulaiman, said the decision to ban such films was necessitated by public outcry, hence the need to address the production of films suspected to be promoting crimes and deviant behaviours among youths.

The board also commended the people of the state for their vigilance in reporting any content perceived to be at odds with cultural and Islamic principles

According to the statement, Abba El-Mustapha said: “it is high time to fish out any film that may demoralize our customs, norms and values in the name of reaching popularity, viewers or business making.”

This directive was given in response to mounting complaints reportedly from residents regarding issues considered to contradict their cultural values.

A one-month deadline has been set for all productions containing content related to hooliganism and transvestites to comply with the ban.

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