Kate Middleton’s reunion with Meghan: Expert reveals shocking details

Kate Middletons reunion with Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton’s reunion with Meghan Markle 

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle do not seem to come together again as their feud is beyond repair.

An expert has explained the bitter situation between the two royal wives by revealing a very telling gesture on Kate’s first reunion with Meghan.

A body language expert has claimed the Princess of Wales, who’s currently battling cancer, was in no mood to make up with the Duchess during a public appearance at Windsor Castle as their fractured relationship seems to be unrepairable.

Meghan and Kate’s relationship is thought to have been strained since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex fled to the US after quitting the royal jobs in 2020.

Body language expert Judi James said there was one “storming gesture” by Catherine suggested she was not interested in making amends with her sister-in-law Meghan.

“The first sight of the two couples that day was when the car they were all travelling in and pulled up outside the gates of Windsor Castle,” she told the Express.

“As the car drove up it was clear the two couples had shared the ride. The right-hand doors opened and Harry got out, followed by William. Despite their differences, the brothers kept close together and even stood together to make their greetings.

“Kate got out the other side with Meghan behind her. Kate’s first gesture of intent came as she stormed around the car to join the brothers without as much as a backward glance at Meghan. She was clearly going to make no attempt to play at small talk or unity.”

Judi James went on explaining the situation in her own words as she said: “Meghan went to follow at a distance but held back as though unsure whether to join the others or not. While Kate ignored the Sussexes, it was William who noticed Meghan and extended an arm to invite her to join them. Meghan hung back in the group and Harry squeezed round behind his brother to get to his wife, who was standing nervously tossing her hair.”

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