Mark Andrews Thinks Combination With Isaiah Likely Will Be ‘Special’

Isaiah Likely’s strong finish to last season has created excitement about the Ravens’ potential usage of two tight end sets in 2024.

Mark Andrews is intrigued by the possibilities. Likely caught 21 passes for 322 yards and five touchdowns over the final six games while Andrews recovered from ankle surgery. Now that Andrews is healthy, he looks forward to being on the field more in tandem with Likely to put added pressure on opponents.

“It’s going to be special,” Andrews said. “When you have two guys like that who are dynamic, mismatches all over the field, doesn’t matter where you put us, that’s tough to gameplan for. Both guys love to play ball, love to compete. It’s going to be fun.”

Andrews said the blocking of the tight end group that also includes Charlie Kolar continues to improve. That means seeing Andrews and Likely on the field together won’t necessarily mean the Ravens are going to pass.

“That’s part of being a tight end is doing everything. Keep the defense honest,” Andrews said. “That’s something I had to learn very early in my career, being able to put your hand down and get dirty. It makes it tough for a defense to gameplan for.”

Entering his third season, Likely has continued to pick Andrews’ brain during OTAs, looking for techniques to use. Likely said Andrews’ name “holds a lot of weight” and the Ravens have many weapons to draw opponents’ attention.

“[I’m] finding my way in the offense as a chess piece, just seeing where I can fit in,” Likely said. “Having all of us on the same field at the same time, you don’t know whether it’s going to be run or pass, and you don’t know where the explosive play can come from.”

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