Masturbation: A Friend or an Enemy

Masturbation is a form of  sexual gratification obtained solely through stimulation by oneself of one’s own body. Also known as auto- eroticism whereby a person sexually stimulates their own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. The stimulation may involve the use of hands, everyday objects, sex toys, or more rarely, the mouth.

Statistic  shows that about 80% of  the world percentage are into  masturbation,  This may seem to  make masturbation normal, since it is very common amongst a lot of individuals, In addition to providing pleasure, masturbation can benefit your health and well-being by helping you achieve better sleep, better mood, and stress relief, among other benefits.

Masturbation also has a very harmful effect. It is known to be very addictive, once a person indulges in it, it is become difficult for one to stop, it gets to an extent that one wouldn’t want to stop at all, it becomes the person’s daily food, one that such a person that do without.

Sometimes, excessive or compulsive masturbation is very  considered harmful and may lead to mental health concerns. And a when a person begins to spend too much time masturbating it leads to the following:

  • cancellation of  plans with friends or family
  • miss important social events
  • skipping  chores or daily activities
  • miss work or school
  • affect relationship with partners

Masturbating may be considered too much if it causes harm to your relationships and other parts of your life or if it interrupts your work or studies. Masturbation also leaves this guilty feeling after the act, leading to self condemnation

It may also hurt your romantic relationships and friendships because you don’t spend as much time with your loved ones as you used to or you don’t pay attention to their needs

This brings us to the question of the day Masturbation: A friend or an Enemy, are you ready to lose an important part of your life for sexual gratification and become a slave to your desires. As healthy as it may sound masturbation is an enemy we all should avoid.

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