Meet David Winter, the low-key billionaire ‘taking on Elon Musk’: he invited Prince Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas and Sienna Miller to his Venice wedding, and is the co-CEO of Standard Industries

The event reportedly took place on La Certosa Island in the Venetian Lagoon, with guests arriving by water taxi.

Here’s what we know about the ultra-private David Winter:

What does David Winter do for work?

Billionaire David Winter is co-CEO of New York-based conglomerate Standard Industries. Photo: David Winter/LinkedIn

According to his LinkedIn profile, Winter is the co-CEO of Standard Industries, a privately-held conglomerate with a number of businesses spanning industrial manufacturing, real estate, and next-generation solar and roofing technology. Its companies include BMI, GAF Energy, Siplast, Standard Investments and Winter Properties, among others.

He’s taking on Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is in the solar roofing industry, among others. Photo: ZB/DPA

In general, Winter has shied away from the public eye – but he did grant an interview to Forbes in 2021 in which he talked about a “top-secret design for a new solar roof” that would be a main competitor to Tesla’s version.

“We have put more solar roofs out there than Elon Musk has,” Winter declared in the interview, indicating his ambitions to crack the rooftop solar industry by producing products that are more “functional, affordable and aesthetic” – and beating the world’s third richest man to it.

He’s part of a family property business too

Per his interview with The New York Times in 2015, Winter Properties is part of the Winter Organization, which was launched in the 1900s by Winter’s great-grandfather Benjamin Winter Senior. “It was in the blood. I wanted to be in the business my whole life – it’s tangible and something I love,” David explained.

“My great-grandfather came over from Poland and started as a painter on the Upper West Side, and the story goes that somebody had defaulted on a US$5,000 painting contract and he took over the property. And that’s the way it started.” When asked if his father Benjamin Winter is involved in the business, he replied, Very much so. He’s on our board, as is my Uncle James.”

He and his new wife are very private

Very little is publicly known about Winter’s new wife Georgia Irwin. However, per Forbes, Winter was previously married to Liz Heyman, daughter of American hedge fund manager Sam Heyman, who was himself chairman of a roofing material company before his death.

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