Mum Replies Critics Questioning Why Her 1-Year-Old Son Can’t Speak, Video Goes Viral Online

  • A mother has expressed her online over the constant question people have been throwing to her about her son
  • According to her, people have been asking why her son who’s a year and five months old is not talking yet
  • Social media users who watched the video stormed the comments section to pen advice for the young woman

A Nigerian mother has shared a video of her handsome little son who’s yet to speak audibly.

Despite his tender age, people have been asking why the boy wasn’t speaking yet and this became a source of concern for the mother.

Mum replies those criticising her son
Mum speaks about son who’s yet to talk audibly
Photo credit: Aishaodogwu/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Mum addresses questions about her son

The mother identified as @aishaodogwu said people believe that the little boy should have learnt how to say easy words like mama, dada and wee.

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Aisha however lamented over the pressure being mounted on her son who’s only a year and five months old.

She said that sometimes after hearing such words from critics, she goes into her closet to cry over her little son.

In her words:

“People are asking why my son is not talking yet. That at his age he should be saying something comprehensive. He should be saying dada, mama, wee wee.

“One of the problems we have is so much pressure. What do they expect him to be talking at this age? Some of people saying these things don’t even have children.”

Reactions as mum speaks on son’s speaking speed

Social media users who came across the video on TikTok took turns to react to the clip.

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@Sexxy me said:

“My kids started talking at d of 3,then wen I ask my mom Y my child wasn’t talkn yet. She said are u frm same family?her fada is differ from urs so.”

@ifunanya commented:

“My baby is 3 months she has started calling me mama but every child is different.”

@Jessica Mirian863 reacted:

“My twins started talking at the age of 5. It wasn’t funny at all. But thank God they can communicate perfectly well. He’ll talk at his own pace.”

@favorite said:

“My child is 8 months and can call dada very well even mama!Sometimes she call my siblings by their names. Somebody ask me to stop her from talking.”

@Whuraolar reacted:

“My first born at the age of 3years plus even I thought he was deaf but not knowing because there is no small kids around him.”

@nmerikachinaemere noted:

“Now one thing you should know is, first issues talks late. Cause they have no elderly siblings or someone of their age to talk while they learn. My son started talking at 2years+.”

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@Claires_hair_brand added:

“Always put him where kids are, first child no Dey talk on time, most especially if you’re a busy person, always leave him with kids or register him in day care school.”

Smart child explains things with clean English

Meanwhile, previously reported that a video showed a little girl explaining to an audience the differences between living and non-living things.

The beautiful video, posted on TikTok on Sunday, November 20, captured the little girl giving examples with pencils and plants.


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