Nigeria – Sophia Momodu Slams Davido’s Aide for False Claims on Daughter’s Trips

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Sophia Momodu criticizes Davido’s aide, Isreal DMW, for attributing her daughter’s trips to Davido’s sponsorship. Momodu asserts her independence as a single parent, emphasizing her role in providing for her child. She condemns Isreal’s actions as disrespectful and misleading

Businesswoman Sophia Momodu has taken to social media to express her displeasure with Davido’s personal assistant, Isreal DMW.

This comes after Isreal praised Davido for sponsoring Imade Adeleke’s numerous trips abroad.

Momodu, Imade’s mother, rebuked Isreal, stating that she doesn’t appreciate him crediting Davido for her daughter’s travels.

She emphasized her independence as a single parent and condemned Isreal’s actions as disrespectful and misleading. Momodu asserted that she works hard to provide for her child and does not rely on anyone else for financial support.

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