Nigerian Singer Adekunle Gold Reveals He ‘Feels Bad’ For Making Song About His Ex; Here’s Why

Nigerian Afrobeat singer and songwriter, Adekunle Kosoko, better known as Adekunle Gold expressed regret over recording a song about an ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. He sings about a heartbreak caused by one woman in his debut album About 30. He rose to prominence after releasing the 2015 hit single Sade, a highlife cover of One Direction’s Story of My Life.

Why Adekunle Gold regrets making song about his ex-girlfriend?

Popular Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold, known by his stage name Adekunle Gold, recently shared a personal story about a song from his debut album. He talked about the story behind his hit song, Damn Delilah.

The revelation came about while Gold was celebrating the sixth anniversary of his first album,  About 30, on social media. He shared a post featuring the album cover with a celebratory caption. “Happy 6 years Anniversary to my beautiful piece of Art. #About 30.”

A fan responded by referencing Damn Delilah, a track on the album that narrates the heartbreak caused by a manipulative woman. The fan captioned their post with, “Delilah will never forget this album.”


Gold responded to the fan saying that he regrets making that song. “She passed. Sometimes I feel bad for making that record.”  What he detailed in the song from his personal experience is something he now does not feel good about. 

Adekunle Kosoko shares the full story

Following that revelation by the singer, another fan asked him to share the full story behind the creation and all. To which he said that this story has been shared many times. It was about one girl he felt in love with who had one boyfriend, but Gold was not aware of that. 

“I have told the story many times. Anyways, I was in a relationship with a girl that had a boyfriend (I didn’t know).”

He added that while he was completely into her, she on the other hand was playing with him. and on a Saturday morning he got a threatening call which was from a random guy. The guy told him to back off and never speak with the girl again. 

“When I called her, I found out she had blocked me everywhere. I was so heartbroken that I wrote Damn Delilah,” the popular singer said. 

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