Surrogacy: Greatest violation to a woman’ s dignity – Womb Renting

A human rights lawyer, Sonnie Ekwowusi, has claimed that surrogacy is against natural law, saying it is illegal in Nigeria. He said this during an interview with Arise TV, stating that surrogacy is simply womb renting and is the greatest violation of a woman’s dignity.

The lawyer disclosed that putting the sperm and the egg of a woman into another woman’s womb is called “Womb Renting”. Surrogacy is illegal in Nigeria, against natural law, says human rights lawyer claims

He said: “Surrogacy is against natural law. It is also against Nigerian law. A lot of people don’t know that Surrogacy is illegal in Nigeria because Surrogacy simply means mixing the sperm and egg and putting it in the womb of a woman, it is virtually called womb renting and the woman carries the baby for nine months and delivers the baby and gives the baby to the person who wants the baby and the same woman goes around and does the same thing for another person.


“At the end of the day that woman becomes an object and this is why it is said that surrogacy is the greatest violation of a woman’s dignity, the greatest violation of the identity of a woman and that is why Section 30 of the Child’s Right Act criminalizes it. It says that anybody who buys, sells and exchanges a baby commits a crime and is punishable.

“Surrogacy also has to do with Child Trafficking. Part of the Child Trafficking Act also condemns and criminalises Surrogacy. You have the Child Rights Act and the trafficking law against it and the National Health Act Section 10 which talks about trafficking Human Zygote and Human Embryos because that is what it(surrogacy) is all about.

“It’s all a range of confusion at the end of the day on whose child it is. The woman becomes like an object, the woman never recovers.”

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