Toto Wolff responds to Lewis Hamilton’s comments about George Russell qualifying ahead of him

“That was a miscommunication first between us on the pit wall,” Wolff commented. “We got that wrong, it should have been an ‘out-lap critical’ [message] in trying to undercut.

“Then there was a debate whether any out-lap would be enough on the new tyre, so the message he got was at best confusing, but probably wrong. It should have been an ‘out-lap critical’.

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“The worry in the background was that if we stretched the tyre in a single lap, then what would happen later? But in summary it was the wrong message to Lewis, and was the team’s fault.”

Pushed on how relations are between Hamilton and the team as they prepare to part ways, Wolff added: “We’re trying to do the best out of the relationship. We’re trying to maximise the results for what is the final season [together].

“That, you know, like always between drivers and teams, can be tense at times, because everybody wants to do their best.”

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