University Chronicles: 5 ways to identify a final-year student

Someone must have told you that final-year students have it easier than other classes, right? I won’t say that’s not true. Being a final-year student in a federal university is generally viewed as an exciting and less tedious stage, but that’s not always the case. 

The role comes with ups and downs, with students having coping mechanisms to keep things in check. There are ways you can know without checking. 

Let’s see the traits you’re likely to see in a final-year student:

1. Exhaustion

If you consistently ask a final-year student how they are doing, you might get bored because you discover that they are constantly exhausted. They can’t even remember the last time they were not exhausted. 

2. Lamentation

They say things like, “Whoever said that final year is easy told a big lie.” They are almost always wondering how they got here. You’ll find them murmuring and lamenting about things because the workload is always overwhelming.

3. Fashion on point

More than half the time, you’ll see some people who always wait until they are final-year students before they start to look elegant – giving everybody back-to-back. They almost look as if they were saving all the while so that they can begin to live life in their final year, wearing fashion items you’ve never seen on them.

4. Big backpacks

When you hear of a final-year student, the first thing that crosses your mind is project work in partial fulfilment of one’s degree. People carry laptops, folders or files containing project work for submission and correction by their supervisor.

Other times, you’ll find survival items like food, extra clothes, etc., when they can’t afford to go home or to the hostel because of school work.

5. Debit alerts

They are always paying for something. For projects, food, and upcoming events, they need money to pay for something.

6. After-school plans

Ask a final-year student how many times they’ve directly or indirectly answered questions like “What are your plans after school?” They’re always in a haste to see what life has in stock from the other end. 

So far, which other way can a final-year student be identified? 

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