What I’ll do if Liam turns out to be Mohbad’s son- Late singer’s dad

The crisis in the Aloba family appears to be far from over, what with the recent announcement that the autopsy failed to determine the cause of Mohbad’s death.

Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad, tragically died on 12 September 2023. Numerous mysteries and controversies have surrounded his death.

Over the past nine months, his father, Joseph Aloba, has prioritised Mohbad’s reburial and raised issues about Liam’s paternity.

He has granted a series of interviews on social media and mainstream media, insisting that he would only proceed with Mohbad’s reburial if Wunmi, his son’s widow, agreed to a DNA test for Liam.

Liam is Mohbad’s only child.

Since Mohbad’s death, the family has faced many issues, including the DNA controversy, leading to public disputes between the concerned parties on social media.

Despite this, Wunmi has refused to conduct the DNA test, alleging that Mohbad’s father has threatened and intimidated her.

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In a recent interview with YourView TVC, Mr Aloba was asked what actions he would take if the paternity test proved accurate.

He stated, “If, at the end of the day, the DNA turns out to be true, I would accept it,” emphasising that he wants to be “sure of the paternity of that baby first.”

When asked if his stance would change if Mohbad accepted the child as his own, he responded that Mohbad never discussed any doubts about the child’s paternity with him.

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However, Mr Aloba noted that one of Mohbad’s close friends, Prime Boy, had mentioned something to him.

“On the day that they went to a show, that (paternity issue) was exactly what caused an argument between them (Mohbad and his wife).”

“They fought during the show and continued the argument on their way home. His friend (Prime Boy) was there, listening to their conversation.

“Normally, she (Wummi) would not attend shows with a five-month-old baby, but she did because of the argument. From there, his friend, Prime Boy, overheard their issues,” Mr Aloba said.

When asked about the possibility of a reburial, he affirmed, “Yes.”

He explained, “It is going to be done after the DNA and the pathology investigation, which I am planning privately now because I wasn’t pleased with the results the government provided,” he said.

Wunmi’s initial outcry

In March, Mohbad’s father announced that he obtained a court order requiring his grandson, Liam, to undergo a paternity test before Mohbad’s body could be reburied.

“I have obtained the necessary court order to proceed with the DNA test. We cannot postpone this matter aĥny longer; it will be conducted now,” Mr Aloba said.

While Wunmi had previously expressed her willingness to conduct a DNA test, stating it should be done in Nigeria and abroad, she had voiced her distress on Instagram earlier in February.

In a series of posts, she called on Nigerians, claiming that she and Liam were facing threats.

“Nigerians, Liam and I are at your mercy! Will you allow what happened to Ileri Oluwa (Mohbad) to happen to us?

“They are threatening us daily; they have taken our freedom from us! Nigerians, help us,” she wrote.

Aloba’s pressure

Wunmi had also questioned the motives behind Mohbad’s father’s insistence on a DNA test, asserting that he had pressured her and Mohbad into having a child.

She said, “I never wanted to have a baby at that time, but Baba told Mohbad and me that the Holy Spirit instructed him to ask for a grandson who would buy the coffin that would bury him.

“I discovered I was pregnant on the 5th of August that same year, and my father-in-law was ecstatic over the news of my pregnancy.

“Why is he now trying to defame the treasure his son left behind?” she queried.


Mohbad passed away on 12 September 2023 and was buried in Ikorodu, Lagos, less than 24 hours after his death.

His untimely passing generated significant public interest and concern, with fans and family members seeking answers and justice.

The singer, who had shown great promise in the Nigerian music industry, left many mourning and questioning the circumstances surrounding his death.

News of Mohbad’s death spread rapidly, initially met with disbelief until his burial the following day.

His passing quickly became a high-profile issue, with celebrities like Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dike, Toyin Abraham, Lizzy Jay, and Soso Soberekon demanding justice.

Allegations arose, suggesting that Mohbad’s death was linked to bullying and assault allegedly connected to his former record label, sparking nationwide protests and calls for justice.

Mohbad was survived by his father, Joseph Aloba; his wife, Wunmi; his son, Liam; and his mother, Abosede Aloba.

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