Barcelona set to receive Prize Money for winning La Liga title revealed –

FC Barcelona have emerged as the champions of Spain this season, as they won the La Liga title after a long wait. In addition to the glory and bragging rights for the fans, this success will have positive impacts on the club in other aspects as well.

One of these aspects in which winning La Liga will help the club is related to finances. While there have been improvements in the last year or so, the club has been going through difficult times financially for a few years now.

In such financially strained times, winning the La Liga was an achievement in itself. However, this achievement will go a long way in mitigating the club’s financial problems, foremost through the prize money that the league will award the club for winning the title.

According to Marca, the Catalan club will receive €60.64 million for coming first in the league. The race for the second place is still on, with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid vying for the second place.

Whichever side finishes second will win €53.51 million, while the third-placed club will get €46.37 million. The fourth-placed side will win €39.24 million.

However, the entire amount of this prize will not be received by the club this season, as the payment is spread over 5 seasons. The club will receive 35% of this amount this season, 20% in the next season, and the remaining amount in the succeeding 3 seasons.

FC Barcelona have already met its major financial goal by decreasing its wage bill by around €200 million. The injection of this prize money for winning La Liga will further enhance the club’s finances, and help ensure its long-term prosperity.

As the club looks forward to next season, it’s right to say Barca have earned the  prize money this year putting up a spectacular performance to clinch the title and the prize money.

Congratulations Barca.

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